Nail Forms

Nail Forms

Our Nail sculpting forms are disposable stickers used to extend natural nails and create enhancements. Suitable for use with PolyGel/Builder Gel/Acrylic.


Perforated for easy separation at the base for easier application on wide thumbs, wide fingers and knuckles.


50 pcs self-adhesive double thickness nail form stickers.

  • Instructions

    Carefully wrap the form around the nail, applying pressure to make sure it is secure. Ensure the form sits under the nail with no gap. Press the sides together and pinch the top of the form to secure. Use the form as a guide to create your desired length of nail extension.

  • Product Information

    6.1cm x 6.1cm

    Colour: Black & Gold

    50 pieces per pack


    For external use only, keep away from heat.

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